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Cockpit 310

  • Storage: Create btrfs filesystems and subvolumes
  • Storage: Improved support for swap
  • Machines: Action to Replace SPICE devices
  • Machines: External snapshot support

Cockpit 306

  • Kdump: Add Ansible/shell automation
  • OSTree: Redesign, with new features
  • Machines: Change “Add disk” default behavior
  • Podman: Delete intermediate images

Cockpit 299

  • Kdump: Show location of kdump to verify the successful configuration test
  • Storage: Support for no-overprovisioning with Stratis
  • Storage: Cockpit can now add caches to encrypted Stratis pools

Cross-project testing with tmt and Packit


All Cockpit projects have been running gating tests with Packit and tmt in upstream PRs and Fedora/CentOS/RHEL for over two years now. That resolved most of our previous woes about broken gating tests after upstream releases.However, even after several years of tmt tests, Fedora still does not use...